Lyndal Walker’s work interrogates the construction of images, gender roles and our relationship to time. Fashion, as reference, subject matter and context has been important to her practice but her work emerges out of an ambivalent relationship to consumer culture. 

She is fascinated by our voraciousness but also finds it deeply morbid. Walker seeks and celebrates ways that we can live and express ourselves within capitalist culture and the inevitability of death.  

Walker’s photographs and installations have been exhibited at Galleries including The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, The Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, and Australian Centre for Photography.  Internationally, her work was presented at the 2010 Ping Yao Photography Festival in China.  She has also exhibited at galleries including HangmenProjects, Stockholm, La Panaderia in Mexico City and Transmission in Glasgow. In 2001, she had a solo exhibition at Modern Culture in New York.

Walker also has a writing practice that includes essays, memoir, social commentary and academic papers.  She has participated in conferences including the 2014 ‘Fashion in Fiction’ Symposium at The City University of Hong Kong; Non-Fiction Now at RMIT in 2012 and her work has been published in academic journals including Meanjin and The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture.  She has also curated exhibitions including ‘Girls Girls Girls’ in 2008 and ‘Snow-dropping in the concept store’ in 2004.

Between  2004 and 2017, Walker was a member of ‘The Hotham Street Ladies’ who do food inspired projects ranging from recipe books to installations and cake decoration to street art. Their installation ‘At Home With the Hotham Street Ladies’ was one of the hits of the National Gallery of Victoria’s exhibition ‘Melbourne Now’.

In 1994 Walker was one of a group who began ‘1st Floor Artists And Writers Space’ which ran until 2003 and was an important part of the gallery scene at the time.  Artists including Kate Beynon, David Rosetzky, Darren Sylvester, Ricky Swallow, Nat and Ali, David Noonan and Kathy Temin exhibited at 1st Floor. Walker was also one of the founding members of ‘Citylights’ a 24-hour public gallery in light boxes.  She was a member of the board and programming committees of West Space from 2011 to 2015.

Her work has been published and written about in publications including Frieze, Art & Text and Beaux Arts Magazine as well as numerous Australian newspapers and magazines.  In 2009 her practice was featured in a profile for the ABC’s ‘Art Nation’. Walker has lectured at Universities including Monash, RMIT and the Victorian College of the Arts.

Lyndal walker lives in Berlin.

Download Lyndal Walker’s curriculum vitae.